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We help customers reduce or eliminate use of virgin plastic resins through use of cost-effective, quality reprocessed materials, otherwise destined for landfill.

Our team helps companies determine appropriate recycled resin alternatives, comprised of post-consumer (PCR) or post-industrial (PIR) content. Join the sustainable revolution today.

maximize reclaimed material

We aim to reduce the need for petrochemical complexes by maximizing the amount of reclaimed material from municipal recycling centers (material recovery facility/MRFs).


closing the waste loop

We are comprised of a consortium of companies that collect, sort, clean, compound, and market recycled plastic resins, creating a full closed-loop.



green solutions

We are advocates of recycling, a circular economy, sustainability, and upcycling, and have continued focus on green solutions for a better world.


Meet Our Leadership

Our team consists of a dedicated group of plastic professionals determined to help companies to achieve their sustainability goals and obtain industry acceptance of a portfolio of plastic resins and compounds comprised of recycled content (PCR or PIR.) We help identify ideal applications, recycled resin options, and navigate the complex material approval/qualification process on the end-user level.

Melinda Grooms

Director of Sustainability

Catherine Chaplin

Director of Business Development



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